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ApiTrade goes through all possible exchanges to find you the most profitable deals that will make you a little but stable income on a daily basis.

There is 100% Money Back Guarantee within 7 day period in case you are not satisfied with services we offer.
Hey guys!

Today we will compare Cryptorg that we reviewed last time with a new trading platform — API Trade.

API Trade operates on low-risk algorithms tested on millions of transactions. The service supports 7 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian and trades on Binance, Huobi, OKEx, and some other exchanges.

Unlike Cryptorg, API Trade is free of charge — there are no pricing plans. Instead of using all these Newbies and Pro plans, the bot collects 50% of your successful deals, and it seems like very fair and reasonable – thus, the developers are motivated to keep it updated and enhance algorithms, so we really like it.

At the moment there's no mobile app, only a desktop version.

At the moment there're 5 main strategies available — Rings, Waves, Mirrors, Tsunami, Tornado. Also, you can build your own strategy here.

I bet that some of you might not be aware of what all these strange and silly names mean. For the lack of time, we cannot consider all of them in this video, so we focus on two of them — actually, they're historically the first ones implemented by the API Trade team.

The "Ring" algorithm is a high-frequency trading algorithm that seeks inefficiency within a single exchange. The purpose of the algorithm is to increase the quantity of the original coin in the portfolio. So it looks as follows:

You take Bitcoin, buy some Ethers for it, then buy ADA using Ethers, and finally buyback BTC. The thing is, you need to oversee that this operation will bring you profit, i.e. you will end up with more BTC than you had initially.

The "Wave" algorithm uses volatility within one pair in one exchange, buying a coin at a relatively low price, and selling it at a peak. This algorithm brings especially huge profit at decreases and rates fluctuations. In a way it should look very familiar to you — it's a trending thing just like in Cryptorg.

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The sweet thing about API Trade is that you don't need to set a currency pair – just the base currency, for instance, BTC, and then bot analyzes which pairs would bring the biggest profit.

In the case of unprofitable bot trading, the service compensates the loss. However, it cannot be just withdrawn, but rather used for future trades.

Basically, that's it. There's also an affiliate program — you can get 10% of your friend's trade. For instance, your friend was lucky and got $100. The service takes 50 dollars, and from that sum, you get your $10. Pretty fair!

Also, from time to time there happen some competitions — we can see now, the winner of the last session got a profit of almost $10,000 and won a new iPhone. That's cool!

Performance test results

For our test, we have deposited 0.09 BTC that is slightly more than $300. We started trading on January the 29th on Binance and chose "Ring" strategy.

On February 8th that's what we have:
We earned 0.00135966 BTC, or roughly $6.353 — this sum is with the bot's commission, so the net profit will be 50% of that. We had 15 closed deals with a 1.5% yield. The average profitable deal brought us 3.87%.

One deal out of 15 was unprofitable, and we got a refund of 0.000088BTC, so it's not just a marketing buzz but a real commitment of developers. And it's very appreciated!

Overall impression

API Trade is really great and it definitely has several advantages:

• Ease of use. In particular, it was not a problem to start trading with "Waves" strategy.

• There is no need to choose trading pairs, set take profit and stop loss parameters, etc. (as it happens with other trading bots).

• Large and detailed FAQ: general questions, descriptions of strategies, hot to set it up, financial issues, etc.

• Support responds fairly quickly — we asked once about minor clarifications

There's one thing that we believe will significantly improve the service — we did not find a full-fledged report on the financial results of trading in the selected period, which might include profit/loss on closed and open deals.

Overall, based on our ranking system, we give 8 out of 10 points to API Trade.

Thanks for watching, and we will be happy to receive your wishes regarding the choice of the next bot for the test.

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Have a good trade!

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