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Arbidex has automated trading algorithms that allow our users to invest in cryptocurrency assets and earn profits with minimal risk. It compares the rates of cryptocurrency assets at multiple major exchanges and provides users with the best available rates in real time and with one interface.
Arbidex is a trading platform that aggregates liquidity from exchanges. It unites all the world's crypto assets from different exchanges in one window.

A user has an opportunity to trade on these exchanges from a single account and single window. The system will allow users to exchange their cryptocurrency with a best possible exchange rate automatically and the total commission fee will be lower than any of those that exist at the moment.

In early 2018, Arbidex successfully completed an ICO with a hardcap of $16,000,000. Due to that, Arbidex has a native utility token ABX that gives users the chance to access the platform and gain additional benefits.

According to the website roadmap, at the moment the Arbidex team is adding new crypto exchanges (Huobi, Qryptos, Hotbit) and in process of listing new cryptocurrencies to arbitrage mode (EOS, TRX, ZIL, NEO).
Review by BotCompare
Hey guys!

This time we'd like to start directly with our performance test results, but before that, here's a couple of obstacles we had when we've started testing Arbidex.

Important notice: by no mean we talk about obstacles for a critique per se, but rather because of a sincere desire that the team improve their service and attract as many users as possible.

So, after we registered at Arbidex..

First of all, it's hard to make any deposit to the platform as we had to contact the support team to push through the payment. The second surprise was that the service took a commission for the internal transfer of funds between Wallet and Arbitrage.

To start trading, you need to buy 1000 ABX, and apparently, the purchase is made on the exchange — the transaction ID can only be obtained from the support service, it is also better to remind them that they finally have ABX credited as with the very first deposit.

To their credit, the support team answers shortly.

That was the story. And then we finally started trading. So, here're our set-ups and results:

We started trading on January 23rd with "Waves" strategy and deposited 0.48 ETH.
As usual, we traded on Binance.

Up to now we have:
- 3 closed deals;
- 1.68% yield
- 0.56% of the average profitable deal.

Indeed, it's really quite a bit and it might not be reasonable to make any precise conclusion on Arbidex. We'll continue testing it and pour more funds to get sufficient results for the review and we do hope that making a deposit won't be such a long-lasting thing.

Thanks for watching and please send us your wishes with regard to the next bot for the test. By the way, this week we'll also publish our methodology table and once we have two more trading bots reviewed — you'll see a long-awaited ranking.

Have a good trade, and see you soon ;)
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