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The past year was really tough: the cryptocurrency market has fallen throughout 2018, some members of the community even managed to change their views and decide that crypto has no future, while others stand on their own or vie for domination, as in the latest story with Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV.

What is really good is the fact that there remains a huge number of crypto traders who, even in such difficult times, continue to hold their own, and by their activity help the development of the market. So we decided to ease their lives and make a ranking of crypto trading bots.

And we start with Cryptorg.
Cryptorg allows you to trade on Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex, HitBTC, and KuCoin. To get started, you need to have accounts on these exchanges — the bot connects to your account through API.

The service supports English, Russian and Spanish.

According to open data, as of January 2018, the service has the following statistics:

Active trading bots: 6811, all: 101904
Completed deals in 24 hours: 2617, week: 22771, all time: 3215128
New users in 24 hours: 16, week: 107, all time: 17351


Cryptorg allows trading different currency pairs using the Bollinger bands indicator.

For simplicity, we can say that this indicator forms a so-called trading corridor — a trading signal occurs when the price leaves the trading corridor — either rising above the upper line or punching the lower line. If the price chart fluctuates between the lines the indicator does not give trading signals. If you want to learn more about this trading tool — you can check it out in our knowledge base.

In the bot settings, you also set Take Profit as a percentage of the cost of the initial order. And when this value is reached, the bot sells the asset, and you take the profit.

But what if the price goes the opposite of what you expected?

In this a case, the bot has safety warrants — in other words, it buys more currency.

At first glance, this may seem strange, but in fact, everything is correct — buying at a lower price, the bot also shifts Take Profit level down, and in the case of a price increase sells the assets, thereby minimizing losses. This approach is called "averaging", or DCA (dollar cost averaging). We have an article devoted to a detailed analysis of this strategy — take a look if interested.

Basically, that is how it all works here. At the moment there is only a desktop version, but the release of the mobile application is set for February 2019 according to website roadmap.


Cryptorg has a 14 days trial version and 4 tariff plans:

The Bollinger Bands consist of a center line and two price channels (bands) above and below it.
There are two payment options: Bitcoin or Visa/MasterCard.

There's also a referral program that allows you to invite friends to register via a link or enter your referral ID during registration. You can get 10-20% of each payment by attracted users.

Withdrawals are settled automatically to a Bitcoin wallet.

Performance test results

For our test, we have chosen a Trial version and deposited 0.03 BTC which is around $126. We started trading on December the 20th. We have chosen a Bitcoin and Ether pair, and we traded on Binance.

Here's a brief overview of our settings:
We set Take Profit at 2%, safety warrants at 0.0012 BTC with an equal step. Of course, you can set it in a percentage as we discussed with regard to the Bollinger bands indicator, but as we had a small deposit — it was just easier to set a fixed warrant.

The safety warrant was used in case the price fell by 2%. The maximum number of safety warrants were 5.

Our last closed deal was on January 4th and also we have one open position of January 7th.

Let's see the intermediate results.
Since the launch, we have earned around 0.00089 BTC or $3.5523, i.e. approximately 2.9% yield per month. The average profit from a successful deal was $0.17 (we had 21 deals).

It should be noticed that the performance of the bot can be attributed to the overall market growth that we saw up until January 7th. Since the upward trend ended approximately at the same time, we got a drawdown of - $4.4.

But as we have one open position, let's see when the price goes up.

We won't stop testing Cryptorg, so subscribe to updates and we'll see how it's going to perform in the future.

Overall impression

Cryptorg has three main advantages:

• It's convenient for beginners

• It has a simple and user-friendly interface

• And it's easy to set up

Basically, it's a trend bot, so it goes along the market line. The service will be of interest primarily to beginners, who are just starting to learn the world of crypto trading.

Based on our rating table, we give 5 out of 10 points to Cryptorg.

Thanks for watching, and we will be happy to receive your wishes regarding the choice of the next bot for the test.

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Have a good trade!

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