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HaasBot is a crypto trading bot platform with thousands of customers trust our crypto trading bots to handle their trades. Unlike some other trading bots, Haasbot puts emphasis on customization — one can choose between trade bots, arbitrage bots and order bots – all of them are extremely easy to set up. There are script bots as well, but they require profound C# coding skills.

Haasonline gives traders access to all three of its modules, the Trade bot, the Arbitrage Bot and the Order bot, through every one of its license types. It obviously trades 24/7, adding the needed volume to the small edges it can pinpoint and exploit through its technical analysis capabilities. It supports all the major crypto currency exchanges and no fewer than 500 currency pairs, which means that through its Arbitrage feature, it allows traders to profit from the differences between various currency pairs.

Obviously, HaasBot has a number of safeties implemented as well, which protect trader investments. According to community feedback, these safeties don't always work as they're supposed to, so there are a few problems with the software here and there.
Haasbot is indeed a very down-to-earth approach to crypto-currency auto trading. It makes no unverifiable claims, it offers proper insight into the methods its bots use to generate trading signals and it features full transparency in every way.
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